Renewable Market

Sørkomp’s capability and experience is ideal for products for the renewable market, and we decided to enter into this market in 2009.

Our main project so far has been to develop composite parts for the FLUMILL Tidal device. This is a tidal turbine consisting of twin helixes up to 8 x 32 m in length. The development and design of laminates, moulds and production techniques have been a major challenge since 2009. Sørkomp has an exclusive right to develop and produce the composite parts of the FLUMILL Tidal system world wide.

The first large scale test device was developed, fabricated and tested in 2011, and we are currently developing the full scale Flumill 8 system planned to be finalized in 2013.

A development and small scale production plant will be established within 2013.

Sørkomp can also offer a wide range of development and production capacity related to composite parts of other types of renewable energy systems.

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